1. Fieldwire Construction Manager (Android, IOS & Win10)

Fieldwire allows contractors, superintendents, engineers, and construction supervisors to stay up to date on construction progress. 


App Features:

* Share up-to-date blueprints and files with field workers and supervisors.
* Create punch lists and assign jobs.
* Create reports to track daily progress with photos.
* Specify deadlines and priority levels among tasks.


  1. Ozinga Concrete Calculator (Android & IOS)

Ozinga Concrete, a free application lets users calculate the Cubic Yards of concrete they need for Flatwork, Footings, Walls, Columns, and Caissons. Users insert the dimensions, and the app gives the users the total Cubic Yards of concrete they need. The app can then generate an email containing the project location, the dimensions of the pour, the project type, and the amount of concrete needed. 


  1. Calc-U-Lien (Android & IOS)

This app was developed to help you know when the due date for your Notice to Owner, Claim of Lien,  and Bond Claim are due. 

Have trouble figuring out when your Notice to Owner (NTO), Claim of Lien or Payment Bond/Notice of Nonpayment is due?

Use our Calc-U-Lien app to help calculate Florida state Notice to Owner (NTO), Claim of Lien or Notice of Nonpayment (payment bond claim) dates.



  1. My Measure (Android & IOS)

My Measure is a free application that allows users to apply measurements, angles, dimensions, and notes to a photo.


  1. Measure (IOS)

Measure is an app that comes standard on all iPhones running IOS 12 or later, it allows users to measure distance with their iPhone camera. This app shouldn’t be used to measure the entire construction site. It is more of a backup or a way to get a general estimate of distance.


Connor Bather
July 2019

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