Sweet Sixteen Finalists

AggieMed Gainesville
A new technology to desalinate brackish and saline water. 
Blue Wave Gainesville
Rapid deodorization and disinfection device. Cellvana Biotechnology Tampa
Tools to speed up rare cancer and stem cell therapy discovery. 

ClaimFound  Gainesville
Digitizes unclaimed property databases to simplify finding assets.

Current Kinetics Gainesville
Turbines to deliver energy from tidal flows and ocean currents.

Healthsteps Gainesville
A pediatric care mobile app that provides patient care instructions and reminders. 

HyCarb Orlando
Nanotechnologies for energy-storage systems. 

Innovative Detection Concepts Miami
Using drones and canines to fight an invasive beetle in avocados. 

Rain Neuromorphics Gainesville
Neurofiber technology to speed up artificial intelligence processing. 

SLBST Pharma Tampa
Non-hormonal therapy for the treatment of endometriosis. 

Smart Barrel Miami
An application for construction managers to monitor job sites. 

SmartJet Tallahassee
Wireless sensor for continuous temperature monitoring of gas turbines. 

Standing Wave Fuel Reformer Gainesville
Low cost hydrogen production. 

SynMatter Orlando
Smart particles for corrosion protection.    

Two Degrees Boca Raton
Social Network that connects mutual friends

VideoPura Fort Lauderdale
Perceptual video processing that removes inefficiencies in video encoding and streaming

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